Spiced Savoury Biscuits: Ka’ach Bilmalch


It has been a long time, hasn’t it?

When I last posted, we were living in a rented house and were about to complete the purchase of our own home, two hours and 70 miles from where we were then.  It has been a somewhat bumpy ride in the meantime, a lot to do but nothing to regret–it just took up most of our waking hours.  Many a frozen pizza has passed through my kitchen in that time….

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A Day on Great Blasket Island



Three kilometres, about two miles, off the West Kerry coast lies an archipelago of six islands called the Blaskets.  The largest of these is Great Blasket Island, in Irish An Blascaod Mór.  If you choose to read more about the island, you’ll find adjectives such as “otherworldly” or “mystical”.  These descriptions are accurate.

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