Spanish Green Beans with Red Peppers & Garlic


In 2013, we made our first trip to the Spanish Pyrenees, with an eye to moving there.  Spain is a magnificent country–friendly people, brilliant food, proper thunderstorms with lightning and heavy rain–and we loved it.  In-depth research uncovered a few reasons why it wouldn’t have been a good choice for us as a permanent home, however, so we took it off our list, but that’s ok.  It’s within easy reach from Ireland, and we can go back to visit any time.

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Iberian Kale, Potato & White Bean Hash


Very little is on my mind this week except what Storm Jake might do to the eight trees we’ve just planted (two ash, two beech, two oak, and two apple–a “Discovery” and a “Widow’s Friend”), and coddling and cooing over the herb seedlings appearing in my indoor window boxes.  Mint (in the photo below) and thyme are sprouting and garlic chives are stirring; fennel, French sorrel, and coriander are popping up, but the flat-leaf parsley is taking its time.  Was it something I said?  Not enough water?  Too much Mozart?  The anxiety of an impatient Leo and novice herb gardener is ever-present, but even I know that digging up the seeds to see how they’re doing is counter-productive.  I’ll keep you posted.

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